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Allsongs subscriptions

Subscription is available only on M-Live devices DIVO, Merish5, Merish4, Okyweb4 and Grinta App.
The easiest way to enjoy M-Live Backing Tracks. ALL SONGS Subscription provides the access to all M-Live Backing Tracks catalogue, both Midi and Mp3 format DJ.
With All Songs subscription you can:
  • Download Midi and Mp3 backing tracks (MTA are not included) available on catalogue
  • Play live all the backing tracks downloaded
  • Items mentioned above are available until expiry date of subscription
As the subscription expires , all the backing tracks downloaded will no longer be available until subscription renewal.
This service is ONLY available on:
  • Merish5
  • Divo
  • Grinta App
Notice: For Okyweb4 and Merish4 the subscription is no longer available because the M-Pen key for the connection does not comply with the security standards required by current Web systems
You can choose among 5 subscription: