What is Song Service

Song Service is a digital store with thousands of karaoke songs in MP£ audio format and MIDI file format. Each week the musical production of M-Live merges onto Songservice.it, where all the backing tracks of the new Italian and international hits are published.

This store is the evolution of the "Song Service" network, which M-Live has introduced in Italy since 1995. Song Service, as well as on the Web, is indeed present within the musical instrument shops as a multimedia kiosk. The expansion of Song Service as an online portal was an inevitable step, which M-Live has made in 2007.387

Song Service's staff is composed of a group of professional musicians who have been producing Karaoke songs in various formats for 25 years. Their work contribuited to build up the vast repertoire of original backing tracks on this site. It is over 10,000 Karaoke songs that sum up the last 25 years of history of Pop musicRock & Roll, and beyond. On Song Service you will also find the standards tunes form the 60s and many Evergreens.

The Song Service website has a search engine that allows you to navigate easily within the vast archive of Karaoke songs: You can find a backing track by searching the title or filtering a certain artist, or genre. 
There is also a feature called "Request a song" that can be used if you want to send some special requests to Song Service. The suggestions posted in this section of the site will be analyzed by our staff of musicians, who will assess which of the requested songs will be included in the Song Service catalog.

Song Service also contains a section dedicated to musical scores: in this section you will find hundreds of scores in digital format that can be printed directly from the site.

Choosing your favorite music is easy, and you can pre-listen to some fragments of the backing track that will help you understand the quality of the karaoke song before downloading it. For customers who have little time to devote to the research of backing tracks, we have prepared many compilations collecting more titles according to a certain style, artist or special occasion.

Prices are modulated depending on the quantity of tracks, plus there are several offers that may give access to special pricing, which greatly reduces the cost of the Karaoke songs, even when they are purchased individually. Furthermore, by using the SONGNET pre-paid credit the customers are granted additional discounts that may be used for all purchases made on Song Service.

Payments can be made in various ways: by credit card through a secure connection, through Paypal service, or by using SONGNET pre-paid credit. There is also the possibility of a post-payment by bank transfer or postal order.

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