Video Karaoke

Our Music Bases are also available in VIDEO format with Karaoke lyrics. The format is MP4 and can be read and played by all common players. The backing tracks have the benefit of maintaining the high acoustic quality that has always distinguished M-Live's production. The video part adds immediacy to its use, especially for karaoke events.

BPM: 120 Ton.: RE Fav
BPM: 108 Ton.: DO - Fav
BPM: 128 Ton.: SI - Fav
BPM: 72 Ton.: FA - Fav
BPM: 130 Ton.: MIb - Fav
BPM: 137 Ton.: RE - Fav
BPM: 127 Ton.: REb Fav
BPM: 145 Ton.: LAb Fav
BPM: 118 Ton.: MIb Fav
BPM: 128 Ton.: SOL Fav
BPM: 99 Ton.: MI Fav
BPM: 126 Ton.: SI - Fav
BPM: 88 Ton.: FA Fav
BPM: 65 Ton.: SOL - Fav
BPM: 116 Ton.: FA - Fav
BPM: 96 Ton.: MIb - Fav

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