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Backing tracks in Midi file format, MP3, Video, Custom Audio, Multitrack Audio

The M-Live backing tracks distributed on Song Service are available in Midi File, Mp3, Custom Audio, Multitrack, Multitrack for Merish and Video formats. Moreover, it is available a selection of digital music scores. The price of Midi File and Mp3 is distinguished between backing tracks with text or without Karaoke text.

Most of STANDARD backing tracks cost € 1.89 in Midi and Mp3 formats. Some backing tracks are particularly complex in their realization and have a slightly different price: they are TOP HIT and SUPER HIT. The TOP HIT backing tracks cost € 2.49 but if they are purchased in a cart with 10 bases their price is reduced to € 1.89. The SUPER HIT backing tracks cost € 3.49.

All the backing traks for the international market are included in the INTERNATIONAL PRICE LIST.

TOP HITS backing tracks cost € 2,49 if purchased individually. If inserted in a minimum cart with 10 other backing tracks the price reduces to € 1,89.

MULTITRACK AUDIO backing tracks cost from € 2,89 (Custom Audio, personalized on the website) to € 8,49 (Multitrack backing trak downloaded with separate tracks).

COMPILATIONS have an average price of € 9,90.

Product description Price per unit VAT included  
Professionals MIDI File with Karaoke text € 1,89  
Professionals MIDI File without Karaoke text € 1,69  
Professionals MP3 File with Karaoke text € 1,89  
Professionals MP3 File without Karaoke text € 1,69  
Custom Audio with Karaoke text € 2,89  
Multitrack Audio (separate tracks) € 8,49  
MTA Multitrack for Merish5+ € 3,89  
TOP HITS (MIDI, Mp3, Video) € 2,49*  
SUPER HIT (MIDI, Mp3, Video) € 3,49  
Video with Karaoke text € 1,89  
GEO** TOP (Midi, Mp3, Video) € 8,90  
GEO TOP Custom Audio  € 9,90  
GEO TOP Multitrack (separate tracks)  € 14,90  
GEO BASIC (Midi, Mp3, Video) € 6,90  
GEO BASIC Custom Audio € 7,90  
GEO BASIC Multitrack (separate tracks) € 11,90  
Int*** Standard (Midi, Mp3, Audio) € 4,90  
Int Standard Custom Audio € 5,90  
Int Standard Multitrack (separate tracks) € 8,49  
Digital music sheet € 1,99 - € 3,40  

Please note: Backing tracks without lyrics cost € 0.20 less

* if you insert a Top Hits backing track in a cart with a minimum of 10 Music Bases the price changes to € 1,89.

** GEO backing tracks are dedicated to non-Italian markets.

*** INT backing tracks are dedicated to international repertoire.

 Credito prepagato songnet

If you want to get a prepaid credit choose SONGNET! Below you'll find the available credits and gifts. Every month Song Service offers promotions to join Songnet subscriptions very convenient, keep in touch!

By purchasing SONGNET you will receive a higher credit than the amount paid.

Here is the reference table:

€ 16,90 € 20 (16% discount)  
€ 24,90 € 30 (17% discount)  
€ 39,50 € 50 (21% discount)  
€ 77,00 € 100 (23% discount)  

NOTE: all prices are inclusive of VAT.


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