MIDI file Quality

Anyone can assemble a common MIDI file in the less worse way. As a matter of fact there are zillion of digital songs on the web, most of which are anonymous and low quality songs made to be downloaded... Our music is produced for singers and musicians, the real ones who do it for passion; then if you are looking for "stuff to download", likely this is not a suitable place for you

Nowadays making a MIDI file is as taking a picture: anyone can do "click" but few are aware of the result they want to obtain. A MIDI file, as any musical performance, has some attributes which distinguish it from digital "strumming", you can find the main ones here:

  • Right harmonic structure and balanced arrangement.
  • Outstanding cure in "sound" and "dynamics"
  • The "feeling" of pieces played by real musician and not by frosty algorithm. Remix set to support the artist during its performance.

Our MIDI files have the lyrics synchronized to the music, markers which allow to move from one part to another and chords to play along with the song.

All of that and the perseverance to obtain exactly the desired result are M-Live ltd, a company with the music in its DNA and twenty years of experience in the entertainment sector.

An excellent backing track is first of all "music" balancing art, wizardry, and in our time, also technology.

We do that in the name of the music, artists and their rights.

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