Grinta Live Plug-in

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The first App to run your Karaoke Parties with Mersih 5

Grinta Live allows your audience to consult through a Smartphone or a Tablet the repertoire that your Merish5 contains. (Merish5 should be updated at version 1.6 or higher). With this App it is possible to send requests, read the texts of the Songs and book your performance on the stage! 

Manage at best your Parties to engage the audience like never before!

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The spectators can see the repertoire People search for their preferred song and launch an immediate request which is directly acknowledged by your Merish5 On your mobile phone you can read the texts of the songs that are being played by Merish5

The App Grinta Live for Mobile Phones is compatible with iOS and Android, and it is FREE.

Disponibile su Google Play Disponibile su Apple Store


Purchase the Plugin on Songservice to activate automatically the new function on your Merish5. You will get access to the new section in the Web area of Merish5 to run your Karaoke Party at spot. For a detailed guideline download the manual hier.

The Plugin is FREE of CHARGE for everyone who is in possess of an active ALLSONG membership.

Please mind that only the registered users with the related Merish5 Workstation can purchase these products!