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Transform your computer PC or Mac in a MIDI-MP3 karaoke player

Grinta PC, the Karaoke for Windows- and Mac

M-Live has created an App, that transforms your Computer (Win oder Mac) in a real Karaoke-Station capable to play MIDI files* with lyrics and MP3 with lyrics. With "Grinta" your Computer becomes a faithful companion for your professional performance or for some pleasant moments with family or friends.
*tramite un modulo expander esterno compatibile, ad esempio X-LIGHT di M-Live


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Plug-In for Grinta PC with sounds in General MIDI-format

The Sound Module G-SOUND was developed by M-Live after many years of experience in the General Midi area. The same musicians who develop new Backing Tracks every day have chosen and sampled the best sounds for G-SOUND.



Grinta PC has 6 main sections:


Follow the Karaoke-lyrics of the song while playing, either on full screen or on two seperate screens simultaniously. 


Organize your backing track library, search and archive. 


Edit each MIDI parameter of the backing track to adapt it to your needs.


Choose the mix of the backing track and control which instruments are playing.


Follow the chords of the song and practice keeping the beat, in various versions. 

Song Service

Thousands of MIDI and MP3 backing tracks immediately at your disposal also with the subscription to All Songs.


Follow the Karaoke lyrics of the song that is playing, shown in syllabes simultaneously with the music. The lyrics can be kept always visible by showing the other functions on half screen. You can activate two screens simultaneously. 


Library - archive and search

Import all your backing tracks, and all your Karaoke repertoire will be read by Grinta PC.



Grinta editing allows you to work on any MIDI parameter of the tracks that make up a song: you can edit volumes, effects, sounds, resonance, envelope and many others.



The Mixer section allows you to quickly change the mix of the Song: 6 sliders connected to the various timbres of the arrangement are immediately accessible, each equipped with a Solo and a Mute function.



This section allows you to show the chords in 3 different and really innovative ways: Piano, Guitar and Text.
Follow the chords and practice keeping the beat of the music.


Song Service

The Song Service digital store contains thousands of MIDI and MP3 backing tracks with karaoke lyrics: download new songs thanks to convenient AllSongs subscriptions!



Grinta PC is available for free.
Register, sign up for the NL and download it from here


Grinta PC for WIN    Grinta PC for MAC    

Grinta PC is developed by M-Live, leader in Italy in the sector of MIDI and MP3 music entertainment. M-Live has also created Songservice.it, the digital store with thousands of backing tracks and digital scores.

Contact us at grinta-app@m-live.com for any comments or questions.


Grinta PC

  • CPU: 2 GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • HD Space: 500 MB
  • Operating System: Windows7 or newer, MacOS Catalina

Grinta® is a registered trademark of M-Live Srl. All other products, images, brands and names of the artists are the property of their respective owners. Mac® and iTunes® are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

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