About us


Songservice.it website is managed by M-Live Srl, leader in Italy for the MIDI sector (musical softwares and hardware arrangers).

The firm, founded in Rimini in 1987, operates in two lines of business:

  • design and manufacture of hardware machines for playing digital music;
  • production and distribution of digital music for entertainment.

M-Live has introduced the production of karaoke songs and backing tracks in MIDI File in Italy as early as 1989, and it has pioneered a trend that has gained the likes of musicians and hobbyists.

In 1995 the company launched Song Service, multimedia kiosks located in more than 200 musical instruments retailers over the entire national territory, which became the point of reference for any musicians interested to professional backing tracks. Song Service kiosks allow to find out thousands of Karaoke songs drawing on Italian and International catalogs which are updated with new records and charts. All backing tracks have the text in Karaoke format, with the syllables in sync with the music.

Since 2008 M-Live has put side by side its retailing activities and the Songservice.it website which allow M-Live customers to access kiosks and purchase selected Karaoke backing tracks directly from their home.

Our mission

The instruments that M-Live produces remove the obstacles between individuals and the musical experience: music is a language that enables communication and sharing and is an expression code that not all have the opportunity to learn, but to which everyone should be able approach. Everyone has the innate vocation of expressing emotion through the language of sounds, and, with the help of M-Live, anyone can approach music in an exciting journey of discovery.
We want this to happen to as many people as possible!

Streamlined structure

M-Live is based in Italy, at San Giovanni in Marignano, near Rimini, and is Italy's leading organisation on its market. Musicians, sound engineers and IT experts make up the heart of its work-force.
Come and see us! We will show you around our studios and introduce you to our staff!

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